Cupcake Toppings

Embellish Your Cupcake!!

Jimmies--Upgrade your template layout to three columns.  $20.00

Nuts--Add a Menu bar under your header, text links only.  $20.00

Extra Nuts--Add a Menu bar under your header, custom buttons.  $30.00

Cherry--Post Signature (your name appears at the bottom of each post).  $8.00

Sugar Pearls--Advertising Button with grab it box.  $15.00

Nonpareils--Post Divider (separates posts).  $8.00

Dragees--Network Button (example: facebook, twitter, etc.)  $5.00/each

Quins-- Sidebar Titles (located over each sidebar item, example: archives, followers, link list, etc--they are not linked to any content).  $3.00/each

Extra Quins --Sidebar Titles (linked to pages or other sites on the web- you must provide the link url's) $4.00/each

Candies--File Storage (we store all your blog elements for future blog additions or header makeovers).  $10.00

Topper--Twitter Background $35.00

Flower--Blog Header ( installation not included)  $40.00

Extra Frosting--Blog Maintanence  $35.00/hour

Glitter--Widgit Installations (need help adding a twitter or facebook widgit, we can help!)  $5.00/each